About company

Czech company, Czech owner and athorough Czech formulation.

The brand PREDATOR has been here for you ever since 1997. Our focus is on development of a complex working procedure ensuring high quality insecticides and repellents. Our goal is to satisfy the customer demanding protection against troublesome and harmful insects evenin infested areas.

Our company was established in 1994. At the begining we dealt with importing and distributing perfumes in the Czech Republic. In 1997, we started a production of perfumes under our own brand. As a reaction to the lack of insect repellentsfollowing the floods in 1997 we started also the production of repellents Predator, designed for the pharmaceutical market, and higly professional repellents including PRO­TECTOR, COBRA and other private brands.

Our products rank among the best modern products produced for protection against insects. The products fulfill all the criteria required by the EU legislative on cosmetics and biocides. The products have been tested in accredited laboratoties and approved by the Czech competent authorities. During the years, we have developer a few exceptional formulations that also you can try.

In 2013 our company became a memberof the international organization EMCA (EUROPEAN MOSQUITO CONTROL ASSOCIATION) which consists of scientists, governmental inspection and monitoring bodies,reputed insecticide and repellent products manufacturers in the EU.